Tuesday, August 30, 2011

At the end of our day

This is for you KERRY. Because I love your messy kitchen, and hate when everything has to be perfect, and because you are nosey (I like that). And, because it shows a glimpse of our home (messy glipse!) and little is there too, he has just learnt how to stand up. The livingroom table is the favourite climbing frame besides me.


  1. det där måste vara en av de snyggaste tapeterna i hela världen. och jag har inte plats för'n.

  2. Haha! Thank you for this, I of course LOVE it, being the nosey old lady I am!! More, more, more please. Your little boy looks adorable (and has the same leggings as Bertie too)! Your sofa looks very curl-up-onable....put the kettle on and I’ll be round :) x

  3. Ha ha härlig röra!!
    Trevlig helg söta du!

  4. i love this bit of your home!!!
    it's often messy at the end of the day here too;)