Friday, April 8, 2011

This far

Getting close to the release of the lamps, I think it's time for a resume. So let's start at the beginning, about 5 years ago.

We were on the hunt for the perfect lamp with an industrial look for our loft apartment, and got in contact with our first, live Triplex when buying another lamp from a retro freak, like ourselves. It was love at first sight and the hunt was on.

It wasn't so easy to find one. A couple of years later 2 lamps showed up for sale at an auction 350 km away. An insanity car ride by myself took place, Malte (our Borderterrier) joined but my husband was in Taiwan working. We had two lamps of different models with us back, not in the best condition though. So, husband started to dismantle the lamps for a cord change a month later when he returned. One million pieces, all over, I tell you.
And just about then the thought came to us - wouldn't a new lamp like this be just perfect? In love with the lamp and the fact that one of Sweden's most notable inventors had designed it.

Husband was working as an engineer and took the summer and fall off from his employment to draw the updated version of the lamp and at the same time identified and negotiated with the holders of the copyright to the lamp.
The first parts were manufactured, arrived, and agian - millions of pieces all over!

About one year later, early fall 2010, the negotiations were finalized and the first complete lamp prototypes were assembled. BIG progress!

Winter came early. We painted the prototypes white, had a small photo shoot at home for the website,  and I knitted warm clothes for the Triplex.
This, my friends, was part one of the resume, more to follow this weekend. I wish you a really good one!

Top left photo from here, rest is mine.


  1. Ni har garanterat en kund i mig! Ser verkligen fram emot att den skall komma i butik. Om ni inte redan har butiker i Göteborg så kan jag rekommendera en helt nyöppnad, Artilleriet, på Magasinsgatan. Finare butik får man leta efter!!
    Trevlig helg, Camilla

  2. wow..wonderful!!!! love the Triplex so much, even more with its winter clothes!!! ;)

  3. So nice to hear the story behind the triplex. Looking forward to part 2 ;-)

  4. it's so so so lovely, especially in white, ( and with your knitted warm clothes ! ) i'd definitely get one for my working space, someday when i can afford it !!!

    happy happy weekend, dear ulrika

    next week will be the preparation week of my secret little mailing package project !


  5. It's so interesting to hear the entire progress and to learn that your husband worked in Taiwan, my home country.

  6. love hearing the story behind your vision - wow, how much work and dedication! chapeau!

  7. De är jättesnygga - och vilken fantastisk "resa" ni gjort ihop; ni och lampan. :-)

  8. I love this vintage lamps and photos are very good !

  9. Ja herregud vilken resa ni har gjort, och den kommer garanterat att forsätta framöver med spännande framgångar.
    jag ser framemot att hänga med på en liten liten hörna här genom din blog!

    xo johanna