Friday, December 17, 2010


I'm inspired by ISAK's cool and humoristic products. Brings both color and a smile to your home, don't they?

We've decided on the last details for our house today; the wallpapers and colors of the walls. A lot of white, a little bit of grey and Sandbergs Kaspar for the kid room and Cole & Sons Cow Parsley for one of the walls in the livingroom.
Now I long to move in, but first, I long for our little man to arrive.


  1. Fina fina grejer från Isak. Jag har några av köksgrejerna hemma och affischer till barnrummet. Gillat tapeten massor också.

    Aha, har ni något på gång?! Grattis!

  2. I have that tray! I love isak stuff.

    Try to be (I know it's hard!) patient waiting for your little man. You'll be three soon enough.

  3. Isak gör verkligen fina grejer, skulle inte ha nåt emot den där brickan, men jag har typ 100 brickor redan...
    Lycka till med slutspurten x2 !!

  4. How exciting about your house, I'm curious what your interior deco will look like!
    Congrats on the pregnancy as well!! :)

  5. Ylva - Japp, tack! :)

    Maria & eviatkin - yes, cute it is!

    MissBuckle - Yes, I do, and I am quite patient I think. It's only weeks maximum anyhow, right!

    Anna G - Tack snälla :)

  6. Brit - Thanks!
    Yes, I'm curious too to see what it turns out to, but it's a lot of fun with a new house.