Friday, November 26, 2010

Triplex at Johanna's

Another Triplex lamp spotted! This time on Johanna's blog AprillAprill. I've been following her for a long time, I'm big fan of her style.

The Triplex is photographed on Fredrikdal museums and gardens in Helsingborg, at the dentist's museum. Shows well how the lamp was used back then, for it's flexibility.
This model is adjustable in all directions, versatile and telescopic. The shade is new for me though, haven't seen this model before, maybe it was a special one for dentists.

Let me know if you spot any Triplex lamps out there, will you?


  1. I love the lamp, but I wouldn't want to go to that dentist :-)

  2. jag vill ha skåpet! :-)
    trevlig helg!

  3. Din blogg är en sprudlande c-vitamin och jag måste få mingla runt här inne i min egen takt! Mina komplimanger!

    Agneta, Österlen

  4. MissBuckle - Agree!!

    kristina - ja, skåpet är jättefint!

    Agneta - Tack snälla söta, vad glad jag blir :)

  5. Yes, I spot the Triplex.
    I bought a nice roof light today and a night table lamp the other day. I was think of you when I was in the shop and chose for the right light. I think that I will be better at picking up the right lamp since you are here, guiding:) Nice blog, Ulrika. I don't buy Norwegian Interior Magazine any more, flowing you is almost enough. Thanks for this. Have a great weekend! Looking forward to see your baby soon.

  6. Fei An - Thank you!! That's an amazing compliment :)
    I hope your having a great weekend too, and yes, I hope to meet the little one soon!