Monday, November 1, 2010

Lamp update

A collage from the Mackapär workshop where the Triplex Lamp is slowly but firmly taking shape. We have ordered parts for next (and hopefully last) series of prototypes before REAL manufacture can begin. Exciting we think!

Any wishes for coloring? We will offer the lamp in eggshell white, concrete gray and rubber black as basic assortment. But plan on releasing different colors as special editions.
What color would you like to see it in?


  1. Extremely beautiful!
    White please :)

  2. the grey is perfect :)
    have a nice evening

  3. Hi Ulrika.
    Just went to look at the triplex website, I noticed a spelling mistake under the 'the lamps' category ('friendlyness' = 'friendliness'). Very well-made website otherwise! Best of luck with everything!
    Feel free to delete this comment if you'd like :-)

  4. Not a problem, thank you so much Ida, it's very much appriciated!!

  5. Green please, something like this shade:
    Det ska bli så spännande att se den färdiga produkten!

  6. Jag håller med Kristina i ovanstående inlägg - en lampa i den lindblomsgröna färgen hade varit ursnyggt!

    Jag väntar med spänning på det färdiga reslultatet....

  7. They are fab! I would like to see a yellow one!

  8. A green shade, something like the one suggested above, would look really nice!

  9. exciting! i think you picked the perfect colours. im all for neutrals - could see navy blue and beige as well, or a soft greyish baby blue.

  10. Thank you so much for your feedback!! It's great.