Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Imagine decorating a place like this! Wow. I would like to find a space like that for a photo shoot when the lamps are ready.

Pictures found here.


  1. Oh M! I love it! I would so love a project like this, and to live somewhere like this. Good find!

  2. whaouh, i love it too ! and so great your project of the lamp !

  3. recently i said to G, i wish we lived in a city where we could find a large warehouse sort of flast- mostly because i want everything on one level for the sake of my daughter (who uses a wheelchair). then, voila, these amazing photos. a girl can dream, eh?

  4. I know you would like to make it write, wouldn't you? hehe, just kidding!

  5. KERRY - yes, me too!

    les pétroleuses - thank you :)

    kitchu - I wish you find a warehouse to transform, can imagine the space would be useful.

    Fei An - no.. would be a shame to paint it white :)

  6. Ah so nice to see this! I worked on yhe Pixie Lott mama do video here!! Its a super location!