Monday, October 11, 2010

Workshop transformed

One of mine and husbands dreams is to restore an old workshop, idnustrial property or fire station, and transform it to a creative home. That's what's happened to this motorcykle workshop in Copenhagen. Love it.
And a Triplex Lamp would fit perfectly in this interior, must say :)
Read more about the couple and the restoration on Sköna Hem.


  1. really nice from both outside and inside!
    have a nice week

  2. when i see this pictures, i've got the same dream!

  3. Åh jag läste reportaget igår. Blev helt kär i det där huset och inredningen.

  4. You and your husband have exactly the same dream as me and my husband! This place looks amazing. I want it!

  5. such a wonderful place!!!!!
    love the white wood floor:)