Saturday, October 30, 2010

Right now

This is Malte in our sofa, picture taken just now. After a long walk in the forest. A dog in the sofa is one of the best things I know.

I've made this owl for our baby to come.

Fall has hit us, big time.

Have a great Saturday!


  1. that first photo brought tears to my eyes, bittersweet ones, as i just wrote yesterday that there is nothing that our bulldog loves more than to be snuggled up in the couch amidst the pillows and blankets. he is fighting cancer, hence the reason this photo in particular made me appreciate his life all the more.

    and those fall leaves? well, i miss seeing those so much. lovely.

  2. did i miss something???
    are you pregnant?!?!?
    i love this owl.

  3. wooo this is good news!
    your dog is really lovely! may he look after the baby :)

  4. That owl is so cute -and well-made too!! Do you know if the baby is a boy or girl?

  5. kitchu - I'll write you!

    Elisabelle - I am! With 7 weeks to go :)

    A Little Happier - Thanks :) Yes, hope they will be friends!

    Ida - Yes, they say it's a boy!

  6. Good news come with fallen leaves!just keep yourself warm.

  7. You're going to have a baby ...!!! Youhou !! :)

  8. ibb - thank you!

    mirabellef & Maria - :)

  9. no apologies! it's wonderful to be reminded of all the things i love best about Ransom :) thanks for your comment.

  10. love your little owl! and wow, only seven weeks now... :)