Friday, October 15, 2010

Our ex house

These are pictures from our ex house, built in 1906. We restored the interior (floors, walls, decoration) and painted the facade warm white and the doors red.

The hallway was one of the things we fell in love with, looking at the house for the first time. It has an impressive ceiling height and is very roomy. However the wooden floors were very worn when we moved in, and the staircase and splines were dark blue (just to give you an idea).
Quite a lot of hours were spent on the floor, but we were very happy with the result.

We found the station clock at an antique fair in Helsingborg, gave it a new clockwork and mounted it to the staircase.

The floors here were rubbed down by husband during a Christmas holiday. They were every worn and with an old layer of varnish, where not worn down.

See my big Bumling light? Another favourite, after the Triplex that is :)

Livingroom above, with many flea market finds (table, chairs, armchair, lamps).

We didn't do anything to the kitchen, it was newly renovated when we moved in. We just built the table on wheels (husband built, after my sketches).

The bedroom was one of my favourite rooms due to the ceiling height and the visible beams. This room was like a cave when we moved in; dark blue walls, brown ceiling beams and red floor splines. This was the first room we restored.

Cow parsley (Cole&Son) on the wall below, one of my fav wall papers. Karin chairs (Bruno Mathsson) fond on auction.

We sold the house two and a half years ago when done with the restoration. That's when we realised the house was a bit to big for the two of us and we felt finished with it when it was in order. Can't explain it any better than that. We loved the house but have never regretted selling it.


  1. This is BEAUTIFUL, Ulirika. I especially love the floor in the hallway!

  2. Wow, sooo nice, and the hallway is fantastic!!

  3. i love looking inside homes!
    i like the 2nd to the last picture of the courtyard!

  4. Vilket underbart hus! Hallen är svårslagen.... så mycket yta och härliga lösningar!

  5. Ah, what a lovely story adjoined to the images. I can tell that you still love this house. Great memories I can imagine.

    It's beautiful!

    I'm longing for the day when me and my hubby can refurbish a home on our own too. I believe it will tons of tears, laughter and joy :P

  6. you've made a very nice job! I would love my flat to be so well organised :)

  7. it looks stunning, ulrika! i'm sure your new home will be wonderful too, you two are very talented interior designers!

  8. Åh va fint det var! Klockan är helt underbar.

  9. Wow! Your old place looks amazing. I love the Cow Parsley too!

  10. Your place looked great, and I love how you realized it was too big for two people. Most people in North America wish for big houses, when really all you need is enough. Looking forward to seeing your new home when it's ready!

  11. This place looks fabulous - and big! How big was it?

  12. By the way, my husband and I now live in a house that we probably won't live in forever. But we have envisioned how the house "should" look and it seems like we are determined to see it through. I often hate this self-imposed obligation, but hearing you say the same about your ex-house made me feel slightly better about our situation.

    Sometimes you just have to fulfill a destiny, right?

  13. Nia - it was quite big, at least for two persons and a dog :) Not sure about the square meters though, but the ceiling height made it feel even bigger then it actually was.
    Don't feel bad, do what your stomach's say is right.