Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Industry trend

I've always loved industrial furniture and been inspired by industrial environments. Here are some fav's mixed with own (industrial) pictures. I like the mix of industrial with modern, functionalistic interiors. Think our new place will be something like that. Thanks for all the comments on our old house by the way!
And oh; my photo project with Hiki goes on, have a look at the last post here.

1. Luxembourg chair by Fermob 2. Brooklyn Bridge by me 3. Trifolium chair by OX Design
4. Technikmuseum Berlin by me 5. A56 Armchair by Tolix 6. Moscow flea market find, by me
7. Triplex lamp detail, found here 8. Somewhere in Berlin, by me 9. Drawing cabinet by Jonson & Co


  1. Dear Ulrika, I saw you!!! Beautiful woman:) And your handsome husband!
    Good luck with your lamp project!!! I think you are doing very very good!
    All my best:)

  2. Fei An - did you visit our website? :)
    Thank you so much dear!!

    Anna Caroline - roligt o höra! :)