Saturday, October 23, 2010

Green is sweet

I might have underestimated green, this place make you consider green everywhere, doesn't it?
The place has got a lot of personality and inspiration. It's a 75 square meter flat recently sold in Malmö by Bolget.


  1. Love the greens. Only four weeks to go over here :-)When will your house be done?

  2. Ooh, exciting! Time flies. I hope you are feeling well!?
    House will be done end of March, so baby first!

  3. Yes, great taste. Such inspiration.

  4. I featured this kitchen some time ago ( but the whole flat is actually really inspiring!! I love they way they have used green everywhere, and still it doesn't get boring at all!

  5. i love green, it's one of my favourite colours. (i'm really jealous of those kitchen chairs, btw. *sigh*)