Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our livingroom

Today I'm showing parts of our livingroom. Guess I'm starting to feel a bit sad about leaving this place behind as we will be moving when the house is ready. But as long as we can bring all our furniture and things (which we can off course) and as long as it's bigger and brand new, it will be fine. Right?


  1. It's funny how it is the little bits and pieces that make up a home. Especially the people living in it. So I reckon you'll feel right at home in a Big Brand New House. You lucky thing, you.

  2. Hello Ulrika, I'm enjoying your new blog! It's lovely that you've found another form of inspiration.
    Just looking at your posts and seeing the types of interiors that you like, you might also like the style of one of our designers here in South Africa - Heather Moore. Her blog is at and it has links to her etsy and supermarket shops.
    Good wishes

  3. lovely details. and i can so relate to your feelings. - but of course everything will be fine!

  4. MissBuckle - Agree and thanks :)

    Danya - Thank you! And thanks for the link, will definetely check it out.

    Kristina - I think so too, thanks.

  5. omg your elephant pillow! i have a pencil case made out of the same exact fabric! i got it off from etsy!!

  6. Make it Easy - Ha! That´s a funny coincidence!
    I love that fabric :)
    Wonder if your pencil case originates from Scandinavia or if my pillowcase comes from Hawaii! :)