Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maeve magazine

Chek this beautiful online magazine created by some talanted and engaged women. I'm proud to be a part of their second issue!

All images from Maeve 2nd issue.


  1. Vilket bra tips Ulrika! Roligt att du fick vara med på ett hörn :)

    Hoppas du har haft en bra dag {Hr är det morgon. Ska försöka få i mig en kopp kaffe. }

  2. wow!!!! congratulations!
    this is great magazine and as always i love your photos and this is a beautiful selection!

  3. Rooooooo! I really like this fabulous magazin. And thanks for your visit. Sorry for my bad englis! hihihihii.

  4. Thankhs guys! :)

    manouche - I really, really don't mind!
    You're welcome to write me in French too though :)