Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fabric as wall decoration

We're building a house, just started, there's only the concrete bottom in place. It will be a functional white house with a yellow door.
There are so many options and choices to make. One of them is the wallpaper or colors of the walls; all the walls in the house! Right now we're leaning towards a slightly broken white on the walls and instead of wallpapers using textiles to decorate them. But the last word hasn't been said yet. Here are some nice fabrics that I could picture on my walls.

Kotona by Pia Holm and Siirtolapuutarha by Maija Louekari, both Marimekko

Lilja by Teresa Moorhouse, Marimekko and Havstulpan, Mairo


  1. I really like siirtolapuutarha! I've never been much of a fan of marimekko usually, but I totally fell in love with siirtolapuutarha when I first saw it. now I even have some siirtolapuutarha tableware.. :)however, I also like the others as well - the red lilies are so beautiful, and there is something about the two others too..

    (I really like that idea of white walls with textiles!)

  2. Inna, do you know what siirtolapuutarha means? I'm "guessing" it's Finish :)

    Thanks for supporting my white walls! ;)

  3. siirtolapuutarha means allotment garden (en koloni på svenska?:-)), so yes, it's Finnish!

  4. Aha, that makes sense. Thanks Inna :)