Monday, August 30, 2010

Apartment hunting, Stockholm

Not me, but my brother is. I love browsing through the real estate agents to look for apartments/houses and it's naturally more fun when it's for real, even if not for myself. I found some nice details.

I love the window wall between kitchen and bedroom in this one. Also the Bumling lamp you can see in the bedroom - I've got one just like it, but in the kitchen.

And look at this charmingly decorated living room that stands out a bit from all the stadard styled apartments:

I love the flooring, the windows and the colors of this apartment:

And this one is hard not to like:

It's funny how you can fall in love with the little details and love a whole apartment from those little things.
Or is it just me?


  1. i´m also apt hunting. but haven´t found anything as original as these... p.s. love your new blog idea:)

  2. i love this blog idea too! and those details! :)

  3. lägenheterna är verkligen jättevackra, ulrika. jag ser fram imot detta projekt :)

  4. these are really beautiful apartments - and i guess the little details help so much to imagine how to make it yours, your own home with personal touches. it's so much better than the clean slate thing.

    even if apartments are horrifically decorated, i always feel that buzz of "that's what i could do with it...". much easier of course, when the current owners have good taste! ;)

  5. thank you all :)

    Kristina, agree. I think it affects more than one would ever imagine or confess. Very interesting really.